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Guesthouse  in Cesenatico

Bed & Breakfast on Porto Canale

in Cesenatico, are you looking for a perfect place for your holidays to change the, often anonymous, setting of a classic hotel even if starred?

Lifestyle BB in Cesenatico Casadodici intimate and elegant accommodation meets your need to stay in contact with the lifestyle of the land that hosts you without forgetting the imperative: freedom, for your holiday, and all in a refined and luxurious environment.

Different Bed and Breakfast in Cesenatico, Casadodici born from the imagination of the owners,from their sensitivity, from their travels and their experience of life.
Romantic and boutique style design, Casadodici - B & B in Cesenatico is a unique and unforgettable scenario, where you can meet your desire for a different holiday, with perfect balance between the private dimension of your life and your social presence, in an environment to be discovered in its precious materials, in the refinement of the shapes and in the refinement of the colors.

Although in the historic center of the city of Cesenatico, from the Bed & Breakfast Casadodici you can reach the beach in a few minutes, to let yourself be pampered by the sun and forget the stress of everyday life, for a complete and unforgettable holiday in Cesenatico.

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Guesthouse selected Micheline Guide and HIP Hotels

The elegance of the rooms furnished to reflect six icons of the cinematic world, the open spaces that are a true artistic happening, the   12ristorante fresh fish restaurant, in the same structure, with seats inside or directly on the wonderful Port of Cesenatico reflect the passion for the owners Maurizio and Rossella who have transformed Casadodici BB in Cesenatico into a real boutique hotel, selected and published in the Michelin Guide and HIP Hotels.

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