Casadodici is a unique place, where the desire for a beach holiday in freedom and the pleasure of breathing an intimate and precious dimension, made up of refined details, meet.
From the heart of the historic center of Cesenatico, where Casadodici stands, you will walk among the ancient sails of the floating bragozzi, following the course of the canal to the sea. You will admire Piazza Pisacane and the statue of Garibaldi, the amazing Piazza delle Conserve with the zero-kilometer markets and the house of the poet Marino Moretti.
The magic of the dock with its masts will follow you to the last stretch of the pier where the fishermen's huts with their charm of yesteryear await you in single file.
To the east, the lighthouse, and the last stretch of the quay to the open sea.


The beach I would like

Riding our bicycles or on foot, you will reach the beach in a few minutes, to enjoy the sun and be pampered in one of the city's bathing establishments: modern and equipped, perfect for spending your days at the beach from dawn to dusk.
You will forget the car, discovering the magic of moving from one bank of the canal to the other, even with the traditional ferry.

Spiaggia Cesenatico Spiaggia Cesenatico

The vacation for every occasion

A perfect destination all year round, for a romantic weekend, a business trip or a family vacation. A city of art and culture crossed by water.
A holiday dedicated to wellness and art.
Remarkable are the traces of ancient Roman, Republican and Imperial settlements. A great gift for us the port designed in 1502 by Leonardo Da Vinci, which tells of how the historical identity of the city has always been linked to the sea.

Spiaggia Cesenatico Spiaggia Cesenatico